Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Weekend of Firsts.

My sweet baby girl is growing up. Saturday morning was Lilly's last morning to wake up in her crib.

In the past, we've moved our little loves into their big kid rooms when they were 18 or 19 months old, mostly because we needed to start getting the nursery ready for the next baby. It's worked really well for us, I think because when they are that young, they don't really realize that they can get out of their bed and play with stuff. They just go right to sleep, and stay there. This time around, we haven't been in a hurry to get Lilly into a bed, but I was feeling like I wanted to move her, before she starts feeling that "get out of bed" independance.

When I bought this bedroom set (almost 6 years ago) I had planned that one day we would expand it for Bella. I didn't know that I would have three precious little lives starting out in this bed. I didn't know that I would come to cherish the teeth marks from all three of my teething children on the foot board. I didn't know that seeing this bed in the place of a crib would make me cry. They are happy and sad tears at the same time. I didn't realize that one piece of furniture could bring back so many sweet memories, and make me feel so many sweet emotions. And for the first time, in almost 6 years, there is no crib in my house.

We set it all up,  and then brought her in for the big reveal. She wasn't sure about it. She looked a little like I felt, slightly sad and unsure about the crib being gone. But that sadness, quickly turned into "Oh yeah! I got this big girl thing!".

It took us the better part of the morning to get the bed put together, so after the big reveal, it was naptime. We laid her down, gave her her blankie and "dogdog" (that green and pink striped dog in her hand), snuggled her for a minute and walked out. She laid down, got up, we said "lay down Lilly"  she ran to the pillow and repeated about three times. After that, she was out. Asleep. It was wonderful. She rocked it.

After naps, we went outside to play, ride bikes, and wash the cars.

Another weekend first, Lilly has been using the potty. I'll spare you the photo documentation of this event. But once again, I find myself filled with mixed emotions. While we are SO looking forward to not buying diapers, and the freedom that comes with not toting diaper bags and baby things, it's one more sign that our sweet baby is growing up. And soon they will be getting married and leaving us. And that makes my heart hurt, just a little bit. Sniff sniff.

Moving on, my own handsome "Cesar Milan" has been making great progress with the dogs. Yesterday was a first for the dogs. They roamed the yard freely with the chicks. In the past, Bryan has had them leashed, while the chicks walked around. Bailey (our black Scottie) could care less about the chicks. All he wants out of life is people lovin'. So really, he stays with us, only occasionally glancing at the chicks. Barkley, (the white Westie) is our concern. He wants to eat them. Really. He has to fight every doggie instinct not to hunt them and eat them for dinner. That's alright, we (Bryan) will just keep working with him. 

This morning we celebrated. We celebrated a little girl who is growing up. It's our Buckman family tradition, to throw a breakfast party on the first morning in a big kid bed. There were balloons, and cinnamon rolls, and the special "Celebrate" plate. There was singing (Grady sings Happy Birthday for every celebration), and handmade cards.
This says in Bella language, "Let's celebrate the number one girl" and "Lilly, I love you. Love Bella".

Oh, how I look forward to many more "firsts" with these sweet little loves!


  1. Does the bed go back DOWN into a crib?
    The cinnamon rolls look divine - are they as complicated to make as your Secret Brownies are?

    1. Uhhh, yes. I insisted on saving the sides and bottom of the crib, for "just in case". And the cinnamon rolls are Pilsbury, with homemade icing.

    2. I meant to put "just in case" but forgot!! I know you so well ;)
      And those cinnamon rolls still look fab even if they are Pilsbury!

  2. I want cinnamon rolls!!!!!

  3. I can't get those fattening cinnamon rolls out of my head!!!!!!! ARG!!!

  4. Lilly and the pearls!!! I look for them now in all her pics! Too funny!
    Of course that's homemade icing......look how much there is! Pilsbury's little tiny container of icing just wouldn't look like that!