Monday, May 28, 2012

We Remember.

This Memorial Day weekend we remember the lives of the men and women that have died for our freedom. We celebrate those who have committed their lives to defend our freedom. And we are grateful for the families who are without their loved one, even on this very holiday, for my freedom.

We started this weekend with a trip to The Farmer's Market on Saturday. We haven't gone in a while, and I don't know why. I sure do enjoy a morning out in the fresh air, enjoying things made and grown by our neighbors.

We sat and enjoyed a little live music, and did some shopping.

We stopped and had lunch at our favorite German Restaurant. We sat outside, along the sidewalk, and enjoyed a warm breeze. "Rain is coming" observed our little weatherman. We talked about things that we're thankful for, and how we are so blessed. Blessed as a family, and blessed as a nation.

And then, just as he predicated, it rained.

That evening, my parents came over from Melbourne. Every few weeks, they come to our house on a Saturday night, and spend the remainder of the weekend with us. They are a treasure, in so many ways. They read books, and tell stories, they wrestle and snuggle, and laugh and play. Oh, how they love our little family.

Today, we rocked a Memorial Day parade. It was overcast, and warm, and perfect parade weather. We waved and smiled at the people sitting on top of cars, and at the horses, and the people marching. We waved our flags, and clapped for the veterans.

I have to admit, I cry at these events. There is something overwhelming to me, about seeing our service men and women in uniform. There were veterans represented for many of the wars, dating back to WW2. There were precious, elderly men, still so proud to be wearing the uniform of their youth. There were injured soldiers in wheeled chairs, smiling and waving. And because of them, and so many others, I have the freedom to bring my children to a parade and proudly wave our flag.

As important as it is to me, that my children know the real reasons we celebrate Christmas and Easter, it is just as important to me, that they know why we celebrate our national holidays. I want them to know that men and women have died for our precious freedom, and we can not take it for granted. I want them to love this country. And today, as I explained what Memorial Day means, and why we celebrate it, I found myself choking up again, with such a huge feeling of gratefulness, for the courage and sacrifice of so many.

Thank you to all the men and women that have served this great country. We appreciate your sacrifice, and the sacrifices made by your families. We remember those that have given their lives. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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