Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We Bought a Zoo.

Actually, we just went to the zoo. Actually, we just went to the zoo, after we got halfway to the entrance and realized that I didn't have my purse. Or my keys. Or my spare key. And that my car was locked...

This seems to be a recurring experience lately. I had already recognized that sinking feeling well before my oldest love stated "Not again, Mom. This keeps happening all the time." Thanks babe.

After we unsuccessfully tried wedging the kids' arms in the window crack, I got a stick, and saved the day. Then we could finally get to having some fun.

They were not amused with my antics.

Africa is always my favorite zoo continent. I just love the immense size of the rhinos and the giraffes. I think they are something to behold.

Hello, beautiful!

After we had each seen our top choices for the day (Africa, the alligators, otters, and dinosaurs), we went for a cool down in the splash pool.

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  1. Amazing photographs! You have captured the moment with great colors and backgrounds. I love Grady's face...always intense about what he is doing...focused! :D