Monday, May 21, 2012

Under the weather.

I have been feeling so under the weather for a week now. I think that was part of the reason for my hibernation earlier last week. Before I had children, I would have crawled into my bed, and slept deeply for a week. But now, I feel an obligation and a desire to carry on with normal life, as much as possible. I want the kids to have fun, even if we rarely leave the house. We've been reading a lot of books, playing games, and doing a whole bunch of shows.

Yesterday, we played in the baby pool. It was a warm day, and the water was perfect.

This is Grady's "Samson soup". He put Sampson in the bowl, and mixed him up with water, and then tried to eat him.
Plastic spoons, bowls, and measuring cups make the best pool toys on the fly. These kids are bright and beautiful, and oh, so loved.

It was refreshing, even if it was only 12 inches of water.

That evening we went for our jammied trip to watch the sunset. This time, we packed a snack. Grady was eating his Kix "like a dinosaur". There was lots of roaring and general mess-making. I don't know... There were birds all over the place, just waiting for us to look like we were packing up, so that they could swoop in and clean up after us. They were probably so happy to see the dinosaur.

It was nice to get out of the house, and go for a ride in the car with the windows down. And it was a beautiful sunset.  It was good to breathe the fresh air, and feel the breeze, and just sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the ducks, and the dinosaurs...  We took the long way home, just for fun. The kids all went straight to bed, and fell fast asleep. It was a good night.

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