Monday, May 14, 2012

Today, we hibernate!

This past week was full of activity. We had something to do and somewhere to go, everyday. And normally, we thrive on that. We talk for days about what each day of the week will hold, where we will go, and who we will see. It motivates and excites us. We are joyful in the present, and anticipate the things to come.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Bryan and the kids had some special gifts waiting for me when I woke up. There were cards, bookmarks from all three little loves, a handmade headband from Bella, and this mama bird's nest necklace, with a pearl egg to represent each of my baby birds.

We went to church, had a delicious lunch with my parents, and after lunch, we all went outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

This girl LOVES tomatoes!

And this boy LOVES catching frogs. And tadpoles. And lizards.... all amphibians, really.

After that, we napped, and then went to the circus with Bryan's sister and parents. My friend so very generously gave us free tickets, for which we were very grateful! (Thanks, Janet!)

There were clowns, and elephants.

There were roaring, snarling, growling tigers, and tight rope walkers/riders/general tricksters.

There were circus dogs, and pony rides, monkeys, and motorcycles in steel cages, acrobats and women spinning around by their hair. It was amazing, entertaining and fun.

It was a great Mother's Day.

I am blessed to have been able to spend the day with my mother and my mother-in-law. They are both beautiful, and fantastic mamas. They listen, and care, and help, and how they love this little family of mine.

And while mothers are the ones supposed to be celebrated on Mother's Day, I found myself so very thankful for my children. Without them, I wouldn't be a mama. And I wouldn't be the same gal that I am right now.

So today, after all the activity of this past week, we hibernated. Literally. We did not leave the property. We played in the backyard, but seeing how part of "hibernating" is remaining in your pajamas all day, we did not even venture into the front yard...

Johnny is now a real frog. Although, I should mention, that they are all named "Johnny".

The picture above is Grady. He holds the frog out so that everyone can see it. He asked me to get my camera and take Johnny's picture. He is proud of his catch, and wants everyone else to also be excited to see Johnny.
The picture below is of Bella. She holds him close to her. She whispers, and says "it's ok, Johnny. I'll keep you safe. I'll help get you back to your family." I actually had to ask her to open up her hands a little so I could see him.

Their differences make me smile. One child is excited, proud and adventurous. The other is quiet, motherly, and tender.

So today, we read books, did puzzles and played board games. We did school, and took naps. All of us napped. That in itself, is one of the most wonderful things about hibernating. We ate pizza for dinner. We set up a tent in the living room, made popcorn, and watched a movie from the tent. And then Lilly went to her bed, and my bigs (aka big kids) got to sleep in the tent.

There is something exciting about those initial "pops".  It should be noted, that one should always use their oldest, most dented up pot when making and photographing the making of popcorn...

Goodnight, from The Buckman Bear Cave.


  1. I love your blog. The music makes me want to dance.

  2. Oh look Amy - you got an anonymous comment!!!!!
    I love your blog too but I can't hear the music :-(
    This last one - where to start? Firstly, glad we finally have pics of you on your blog & what beautiful ones they are too. LOVE your necklace :-)
    Also love the circus pics, they're all great but I think my fave is the one of the dog - love how you've captured the pose it's in. I want your camera!
    I miss your Lori like thumbs :-)

    1. I finally figured out how to reply. :o) I love you, and I cherish all of your thoughtful comments!! Thanks, my friend! xoxo

  3. Amy! I love this....your blog, and pictures, and everything! I went back to your first one and read all the way through to Mother's wonderful! You are a natural writer!....And photographer, too!! You're inspiring me!

  4. I just can't tell you how much I love these blogs!!! Lilly growing up is making us all feel bittersweet feelings. The lost diapers will just be sweet!!!!