Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Love.

Vacation. For me, it's a change of location, a change of routine and normal activity. It's getting to see family and friends, and different places. It could be a few days in Orlando, staying at a hotel and going to Disney, or going camping on the West Coast. I just love going somewhere and doing something different. It doesn't have to be far away or expensive, to be fun and rejuvenating.

There are times when my dad has a large job in his business, and needs extra help. When that happens, we all go to Melbourne for a few days, and Bryan works with my dad. The kids, my mom and I, spend a few days "nutsin' around". "Nutsin' around" usually includes lunch at Chick-fil-a, at least one trip to Target or Walmart, the beach, a park, and/or the zoo. Then we make dinner for the husbands, and we all get to sit down with each other in the evening. It's great!

Going to Melbourne is like a mini-vacation. My grandfather has a condo there, which he very graciously lets us use. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, with a community gym, pool and jacuzzi. It's perfect for us, and we LOVE our little trips to Melbourne!

On a side note, Lilly is becoming a little writer. Bella and I were making lists of what needed to be done before we left for our little trip, and what we wanted to pack.  Lilly was tediously making a list of her own.

The other night, Bryan asked me "who keeps putting that necklace on Lilly?". Little sister LOVES jewelry. No matter where I leave her necklace, she finds it and pulls it over that curly head of hair, and then smiles with satisfaction once her mission is accomplished.

Anyway, back to vacations. Grady has been reading a library book about manatees, and really wants to see one. The good news, is that sometimes in Melbourne lots of manatees can be found. There is a boat dock off of Port Malabar Rd. in Palm Bay, that is almost always a sure fire for manatee sightings, so I told the kids we would go and check it out...

We sat for quite awhile on the dock and enjoyed a beautiful, warm and windy day. My mom and Lilly stayed in the car with the windows down, and napped.

We looked for birds, alligators, fish, and of course, manatees. We saw a few people in kayaks, and the splashes of some jumping fish, but no manatees.

After we couldn't find any wildlife at the boat dock, we moved on to Melbourne Ave. There were no manatees or alligators to be found there either, but there were pigeons. And this boy loves to chase the birds.  So we stayed and chased the birds for a little while.


I'm thinking that vacation, just like life, is what you make of it. While our adventures weren't what I planned, or wanted, we had fun. We enjoyed the weather, and being together. And that's a vacation in itself.

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