Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's just life.

This past Sunday, we went to Uptown Altamonte for a little Family, Music and Arts Festival. It was hot, and sweaty, and sticky.  But it was so nice to be together, and we had a good time. The kids got to sit on or in all kinds of police vehicles. They danced, and played games, watched performances and got lots of free giveaways. And our little family fun meter was topped off. 

I'd love to know how much Batman was getting paid. He was WAY into his job!

Today was a day, just like most days. We did our normal morning routines. We went to story time at the library with friends, followed by a picnic and playing at the park.

We came home, took naps, and played outside.

Lilly played by herself a lot this afternoon. She carried a pot, a spoon and a cup, and was very serious about whatever it was that she was making. She did take a break from her cooking, at one point, to cool off her piggies, but you can be sure, the dishes went with her.

We rocked school, and played outside some more. We made and ate dinner, cleaned up, read stories, and the kids went to bed.

There was nothing exceptional or overly exciting about our day today. Lilly fussed, Grady turned into a wild-man at about 6:00pm, and I had to remind my little mother hen on occasion who the true mama of the house is. There were moments that I just completely enjoyed being home and present with my children. But there were also moments that I longed for quiet and stillness.

It's just life. And it's good. And it's a gift. The fussing, and jumping, and loud talking, and bossing, and mess-making, it's all a gift that I am thankful for. And I wouldn't rather be without all of this chaos. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, but it's true. Oh, how I love this chaos.


  1. Chaos is a good word Amy!! I think that word went through my mind the last time we came for dinner (in a good way of course!) ;) You are indeed, very lucky & your family are even luckier to have YOU as their wife & mother :-)

    Those are some nice clothes the kids are wearing too. That dress with the strawberries looks so cute. Little Lilly is something else isn't she? She always looks SO focused on what she's doing, even if no-one else actually knows what it is, SHE certainly does! She also looks very like Grady in one shot. xxx

  2. Love your perspective on life with kids, Aim! If I was your mom, I would be so proud of the woman you are!!