Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things to Smile About...

The frogs in our pond are quite prolific these days. Every night, we go to sleep, serenaded by the loud, whistling, mating calls. And it continues all through the night and into the morning. And in morning, we see "couples" swimming across the water, hiding in the mint leaves, or hanging out in the filter. And lots of looong strings of black eggs, much resembling strings of black pearls.

My frog hunter has made it his quest to catch these frogs. This morning he had at least six pairs in his net. It gets so full, and heavy, that he can hardly carry it. And then eventually, he throws them back into the pond, and starts over. I guess it's mostly about the sport.

I won't lie. This stuff grosses me out. Especially the slimy eggs. I guess it's just part of raising a boy though, you've got to let them have their own little gross froggy adventures, right? And he loves a good, gross, adventure. And that makes me smile.

I told my big girl today, not to hold the chickens on her dress.  (They have a tendency to poop. A lot.) When I went outside, I saw her sitting, with the chickens on her lap. I said, "Bella, I asked you not to put those chickens on your lap." "I didn't mama" she said. "They just hopped right up". I then gave her "the look", that says, "Umm. I wasn't born yesterday. Get the chicks off of your lap." So she shooed them off of her lap, and sat back. And sure enough, those chicks jumped right back onto her lap. And settled on down. And I think I saw them smile.

"I told you, Mama. They love me." And then she smiled. And that made me smile. And now the dress is in the washing machine. And I think she's right. I think they do love her.

I love Super Juice! Today was a juicing day. We juice every 2-3 days, and make enough to last that long. It can be a bit of a messy process, so I like to do it in large batches (like 1-2 gallons) at a time. Some friends have asked for a recipe, for which, I have none. But here is an idea of what I use in each batch. About 8 apples, 1.5 pounds of carrots (half of a 3 pound bag), 1 or 2 pears, 1 squash, 1 zuccini, 1 cucumber, a few tomatoes, 1 beet, half a bag of celery, one box of strawberries, half a bag of kale or collards or spinach, and half a package of broccoli (1 or 2 big stalks). I think that is all we used today, but in previous batches, I've also added things like; half of a pineapple, oranges, half a cantaloupe, lemons, etc...

The website has lots of recipes and nutritional info if you are interested.
The veggies are washed and ready to go. Grady is my juice helper. He loves making "Super Juice" as much as he likes drinking it. He thinks it gives him big muscles, so he drinks it as often as he can.


Bella had a test today in school. She actually likes the tests. She knows that a test means business, and that she needs to do her best work.  And she rocks it.

And after I've checked it, if it's all correct, she gets to put an "A+" in the yellow box at the top of the test. And that, makes for a very happy little girl.

Earlier this week, I made "get well soon" brownies for a friend that had already gotten well, and was back to work. I was just a little bit late... Anyway, I made her brownies, and as it turned out, lots of other friends wanted brownies as well. So, the kids and I made brownies for them today.

My normal 8x8 brownie pans are currently in use in the freezer, so we had to use these round pans. But when one is eating a brownie, does one care what shape it is in?? I didn't think so.

In my mama's kitchen, growing up, we recited a verse every time there was baking to be done. And that tradition continues in this mama's kitchen. After all, I want to instill good Bible memorization in my own children.

The verse is: "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain." Deuteronomy 25:4. It basically means, that while you are baking, you should be free to sample your work. It's biblical.

They were surprisingly fine with sharing the brownies. I thought there would be some discussion about having to give them away. But instead, they were excited to make something special for my friends at work.

And that made me smile. This little face, makes me smile too.
(And of course, they got to eat the broken pieces, and there were quite a few.)


  1. I love this!!!! It made me smile!!! I look forward to each and every post that you do. I almost feel like I'm there. I love you sweet girl!

  2. That juice looks so pretty, Aim! I make alot of smoothies, but I may have to change gears to the 'juice'!!
    Bella is a wonderful chick mama......wonder where she gets that from?