Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's make a list.

Yesterday evening we rocked a very impromptu play date at the park. Like, "hey we're heading out the door, do you want to meet at the park?" kind of impromptu. We put on our shoes, left dinner on the stove, and hurried out the door. (Bryan was home, and the stove was off. No cause for concern.)

Brothers, Jacob and Noah.

They were playing hide and seek.

We got home just in time to finish making dinner, and sit down to eat in a timely fashion. Then we ate the "surprise" for Bryan that we brought home from the chocolate factory yesterday. It was delicious, just like the last one. I'm thinking maybe we should "surprise" him more often...

If I made a list, (which that statement alone makes me want to get out paper and pen and start writing, but if I made a list) of everyday things that I love, trips to the park with friends and caramel chocolatey apples would both be on there.

If you made a list, of everyday things that make your day extraordinary, what would be on it? Are there simple things that make you smile and feel happy? Feel free to leave a comment, and share some of your favorites. Or just make a little list of your own, to pull out on a rainy day.

Happy Friday!


  1. A trip to the grocery store by myself is something extra special that I love!

  2. I love having the time to sit and read a book.

  3. coffee. so simple.

  4. Hearing the phone ring and seeing that it's from one of my daughters or grandchildren. It makes my heart sing!

  5. Peace, quiet & solitude. Oh yeah, enjoying chocolate in my peace & quiet :-)