Thursday, May 10, 2012


What a difference a friend makes. Sometimes life can be hard, and painful, and exhausting, and beautiful, and funny, and exciting.  And it's so important to have a few close friends to walk through those moments with. Whether it's your husband, or your mama, or your girlfriends (or your wife, your mama, or your guyfriends), we all need the support, and love, and encouragement that our close friendships provide.

As much as we want to have friends in life, there is a reciprocal action, of being a friend. As I'm raising my children, I'm becoming more aware that being a friend is largely a learned and chosen behavior. It's sharing, and being kind, and putting others first. It's listening and really hearing. It's letting our friends eat off of the pink plate, and play with the "good sword", and not tearing our friends' favorite book all apart (I'm sorry, Kim!).

Today we went to the zoo with our friends. We walked through the gate, and all six kids rushed to the railing of this bird exhibit, and climbed up for a better view. For me, this was the best view. These six little lives, full of energy, and joy. They smile and sing, and share excitement, and sometimes argue over who gets to sit in the stroller.

Lilly was saying cock-a-doodle-doo to the roster. It did not reply, as she had hoped.

After we saw the animals, we had a picnic lunch, and played in the water.

Bryan had a class today, but surprised us at the zoo when he got out early.

I thought today about how happy I am that my children are developing friendships. I'm thankful that they have friends to spend time with, or to meet for a picnic in the park, or to have over for dinner. But as happy as I am, that they have friends, I'm thankful that I have friends too. And just as I want my children to be good friends, I want to be a good friend too.

So to my friends, I love and appreciate you. Thanks for sharing this life with me.

And if you have a minute today, let your friends know that you appreciate them too.


  1. You're welcome!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your very busy life - I'm very lucky (as are YOU, in that I want to be a part of it LOL).
    I love and appreciate you too, but no, you may not read my magazines BEFORE I've read them yet!! You know how much that upsets me! xxx

  2. Beautiful photographs!