Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bring the rain!

Today, our camp out continues. My bigs enjoyed their little adventure last night, and the tent has become the latest, coolest thing to enter this house.

Our day has been filled with tent activities.  They ate breakfast and lunch in the tent. We played games in the tent. We did school in the tent. When Lilly picked up her little plastic potty and carried it into the tent however, I had to say "enough is enough".

The tent has since come down. We're back to real life. We'll have to have this little adventure again sometime real soon.

Today was a quiet and easy going day. I think we are still recovering from our hibernation.

The girls, taking a dirt bath.
Bella decorated these "star stones" and wanted to sell them for 1$ per stone. Why yes, of course I bought one.

And this guy makes me smile. His heart is to make me happy with this little gift, and how it does. Oh, son of mine. Will you grow up to be a Godly man? Will you treat your wife with love and respect? Will you bring flowers to her, just to make her smile? I pray that you will.

And this sweet little caretaker wanders off with the chicks. When I look for her, I find her quiet and still, taking care of them.

This evening, it rained. It seems like we haven't had a good, earth soaking rain, in quite awhile.

They played in the rain tonight. There was a game, in which they had to run from the little house, and fill watering cans with pond water, and then hurry to water the plants (yes, in the rain), and then run back to the house. I don't know. But they were loving it.

And soon it was bedtime. The dark skies, the smell of rain, and the gentle pitter patter on the windows, was just loud enough to lull the kids to sleep. Our quiet, easy going day has come to end, and the rain was a perfect closing statement.


  1. I love that you let them play in the rain. How much fun is that! You are such a good mom!!!!!

  2. no potties in the tent cracked me up!!