Saturday, April 21, 2012

This Abundant Life

Christ "came so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly". That abundant life is sometimes hard to see, and so easy to lose sight of.  Being purposeful and intentional in the way we live and love, is a choice. Choosing to be grateful and joyful is a daily challenge.  I want to seek out the best of this one big, beautiful life we have been given, and not take anything for granted.

I only work two days a week, and the days that I'm home, I want to make them special. I want to make memories for my children, even if the memories are small and silly. I want my little loves to grow up knowing that they are important, and a priority. Whether we are doing school, or running errands, or walking to the mailbox, I want to find ways to make these tasks enjoyable.

Rollin' to the mailbox

Tonight we went to Bella's Classical Conversations Awards Ceremony. I was honestly a little unsure of how she would do, standing in front of a lot of people. In the past she has been so shy. She has cried, and clung to me, and begged me not to leave her side.

When it was time for her to stand in front of all of the parents and family members, and recite her portion of the timeline, big sister did not hesitate. She walked right up to her spot, and smiled proudly. Oh, how my girl has grown this year. She is becoming brave and confident.
Bella's class reciting the first 8 timeline cards.

While there are still shy smiles, gripping hugs, and those "please don't leave me" moments, there is no doubt that this girl is growing up, and turning into a little lady.

In other news, why did the chicken cross the road?

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  1. Look at your beautiful Bella becoming so brave & confident with her beaming, proud smile. You are well & truly blessed with them - as they are well & truly blessed with you & Bryan xxx