Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother (and Father) Hens

This morning, my boy woke me up with a smile, and NO hope of climbing back into bed for a few more minutes of sleep. I conceded to his "come on, Mama" requests, and followed him downstairs. I drank my coffee, and he ate his Cheerios. We talked about frogs and tadpoles, and our plans for the day, and more about frogs and tadpoles. He counts them, and names them, and watches them intently.  Each morning he asks if this will be the day that their legs start growing. He would rather sit and watch them, than do most other things...except go fishing, or catch more tadpoles.

Big sister, on the other hand, is all about the new baby chicks. Today we took them out into the backyard, for a little sun and fresh air. Oh, how she cares for them.

She carefully instructs Lilly on how to hold them, how to "be sweet", and what to do if they see a bird of prey.

And these chicks love her too. They sidle up next to her (and in her dress), and go to sleep, which she relishes! She says with a sweet smile, "They think I'm their mother hen".  And I nod and smile, "Yep, they sure do".

Little sister is not thrilled about getting pecked at, so after a few attempts at "being sweet" she moves on to her new favorite friends. Lately she favors a duck, a camel, and a mouse. They go almost everywhere with her. And she chews them into slobbery gross-ness. I guess that's what friends are for.

It's so fun watching her imagination come alive, as she interacts with these silly toys, and gives them little roles and squeaky voices.

Whether they are caring for tadpoles, or chickens, or a plastic camel, it makes my heart happy to see them nurture something. It tells me that some small amount of this mama's lovin' is being absorbed, understood, and reflected on to something else.

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