Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Grady is constantly asking us to take him fishing. And by constantly, I mean every single day, at very frequent intervals ALL throughout the day. So Bryan and Grady planned a little boys date for this weekend. Grady could not wait. He was so excited.

They went to buy worms at a local fruit & veggie stand, and then went to Lake Monroe Park, for a little guy time.

The girls and I went to a few garage sales, and did a little morning shopping. It wasn't too long before we started wondering what the boys were up to. So we stopped at Subway, got some subs, and took a little picnic for us all to share.

Each of my children are so different, and while they enjoy many of the same things, I want to make sure that I take the time to nurture their individual interests. I want to make it a priority to spend time alone with each child, doing something that they choose. Whether it's fishing, or painting, or eating, or swinging on the playground, I want to let them choose.

Grady only caught one fish, but he is already asking about when they can go back. Those few hours meant so much to him.

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  1. LOVE this Blog. Love seeing your pics & hearing your voice in my head reading your words. Love you xx